2 pictures of me in one day? unacceptable. But hey, i did a thing with my hair so… you get to enjoy it

The game is never over.

bucky barnes | winter soldier 

so Jed Brophy fucking PHOTOBOMBED my friend and I’s picture with Adam brown at dragoncon AND WE JUST NOW REALIZED. IM SO NOT OVER THIS.

What should we do next? Something good or something bad, or a bit of both?


Paleolithic. I looked it up.

if i miss, it means i’m just another dude with a bow. it means i’ve been fooling myself this whole time.

Scratch that. No good news. Everything sucks.

guardians + quotes from the comics

for some reason when i select the preview on blog option before posting a photoset, the photos are like awesome quality and look great with my theme but then when i actually post the photoset it looks much blurrier on my page? can anyone explain that?